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Companies in the Travel & Leisure industry try each day to connect with their customers through marketing messages, product information and brand promises. Some do it well, while others fall short. For over a decade, the Travel Brand Influence Program has been working to help brands speak to travelers and holiday-makers in a relevant manner.
Test new products from the comfort of your home and offer valuable feedback to brands. 
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Connect with the right influencers for your brand, get honest feedback and reviews for your new products from the most important consumers - travelers
The Travel Brand Influence Program is the most professional, inspiring group I've ever partnered with. I love the entire team, the fabulous events they host and the high level of quality opportunities they offer. Best in the industry!

Sandy A.
The best thing about working with this  Program is that they understand both travelers and influencers. They know what moves us. I've had such great opportunities come from working with them and I know they put their heart into each project. In the 5+ years I've been working with them I've never had a bad experience. That says a lot!

Tim P.
I have been a professional blogger for almost a decade and have had the fond pleasure of working with the Travel Brand Influence Program on numerous occasions. My experience has been amazing and was instrumental in the launch of my professional blogging career and as a new blogger. They provided me the opportunity to work with my first major brand!

Kelly M.
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